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1. Do you provide shipping tracking number?
Yes, we do provide shipping tracking number.

2. How much do shipping cost charge?
In West Malaysia the postage cost are RM10, while for East Malaysia are RM 15. No Charges for C.O.D. at Lunas, Kedah or Bukit Mertajam Area, Penang.

3. What is Grade A guppy mean?
Me personal reserve the best in strain for my own breeding, Grade A are those adult guppy strain in excellent condition which covered aspect such as health, color and shape that stay in the strain class.

4. I am absolute beginner, any tips?
The most important thing to remember is to not add fish right after you set up your aquarium. Rest your aquarium 2-3 days before adding fish. This allows the water chemistry to balance, and take time to spot any potential problems with your aquarium.
When receive fish and before the fish are put into the aquarium, put the plastic package include fish into the aquarium up to 10 min to sync the water temperature.
For beginner we advice you start with standard guppy or Grade B guppy to minimize the risk of lost.

5. Should I take Pair of guppy or group of Male only guppy?
It depend on what you want, if you want to enjoy the proceeds of breeding guppy and raise a swarm of guppies. Take the challenge and go ahead. But if you don’t want to waste so much time on those process, instead you want to enjoy the beauty of your guppy aquarium. Go ahead with group of male guppy.

6. What if the guppy fish die at arrival?
Please take a photo on it [inside bag and outside bag] and send it for me, I’ll prepare for next replacement.

7. My question are not list on FAQ?
Please call/WeChat me for any questions you might have regarding my guppy.